1. @ukgovcontracts by Tom, David, Ruth, Rich
  2. A Bus For That by Elliot Long (@elroid)
  3. AdviceForThat by Kieran Gutteridge
  4. Ambient Politics by Gareth Lloyd
  5. Are You Okay? by Testled
  6. Browse My Tweets by Johan Uhle + Konstantin Kaefer
  7. BrowserToPhone by Simon Maddox and Sam Machin
  8. Chip In by Leo Tong
  9. Contracts Browser by @sheilaellen, @improbulus
  10. copy protected pdf thingy by Matt Copperwaite
  11. Dragboard by Richard Boulton
  12. feedfern by loleg
  13. First in Line by The HODGE
  14. Gigamajig by Team GigJunkie
  15. GiggyFind by Team A
  16. GP Findr by Martin Cunningham
  17. gu-recipes by LVG
  18. Hack Camp Logo by leipie
  19. HackCamp animated logo by n00b
  20. Heyulp by Abizer Nasir
  21. HTML5 Audio dsp by teambadger
  22. iGigs by Nik Fletcher
  23. iPlayer Twitter Sync by Tom Lea & George Brocklehurst
  24. Keep Calm and… Smuggle On! by Johanna, Kai, Seyi, Mark
  25. Mapnificent: London Weekend Night Buses by Stefan Wehrmeyer
  26. OpenStreetMap ThingMatcher by Jez
  27. Over engineered LOLCats by Tom Lea
  28. OverAchievers by Cristiano Betta
  29. Phil by 7digital
  30. Pianoe by Seyi Ogunyemi
  31. Posters by Sam Machin
  32. Steve Smith by Loner
  33. Streaming audio to the iPhone / iPad / iPod by Michael R. Lorek
  34. Tariffic by Matt Copperwaite
  35. Tarrif Finder by Glyn
  36. Tarrif search by Tom Parker
  37. Tarrorif by Adam Braimbridge, Luke Blaney, Tes MacPherson
  38. The Christopher Hitchens Holiday Fun Club by Alec, Francisco, Patrick
  39. The Queen's Birthday Surprise by Tom Scott
  40. tron by Continental savages
  41. Tweeted Videos over XMPP by thesmith
  42. twitter mood checker by Carolynlyn
  43. TwitterBox by Foo
  44. UK Travel Advice by adam
  45. UKPhoneHome by Sam Machin
  46. Visa Free by Roderick Hodgson
  47. WorldCup 2010 by Miss Geeky